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The storm hit our home around 3:15 on April 27, 2011. We were in the direct path of the tornado. The noise was unbearable and as everyone says it does sound like a train. I knew the garage was gone when the tornado had moved on, but little did I know when we stepped out of the shelter that our whole house and vehicles had been destroyed along with most of our neighborhood. Our next door neighbor lost his life in the storm that afternoon. If it had not been for our shelter that was installed in 2004. I would not be here to tell my story. My family now has a new home with the same shelter installed in it from that same storm. Thanks again Alabama Stormsafe.
Alabama Stormsafe Clients
Robert & Mary Partain
Dan and Jane Zobrosky

Alabama Stormsafe takes special care to understand the unique needs of each of our clients.

We are proud of the work we do and would like to share these testimonials from our clients:
"When my wife and I decided to have a safe room installed in our basement-less home,we researched various products and contractors.We liked Alabama Stormsafe because their product is manufactured here in Alabama and because their installers have years of experience. Not to mention the fact that their safe rooms successfully withstood the horrendous tornadoes of April 2011. Moreover, they were recommended to us by a friend who, having contracted with them in a former home, was now again contracting their services for a new home. Now that our safe room is installed, we can say that our expectations were met and exceeded. It is a pleasure to do business with a firm that provides a quality product, expertly installed, with the utmost courtesy and consideration. (My wife even marveled that every speck of concrete dust and litter was cleaned, leaving a spotless work area.) These days when quality and service are rare, how refreshing to encounter a company like Alabama Stormsafe."- Robert Partain
It is our pleasure to recommend Alabama Stormsafe. From beginning to end our experience was wonderful, from an outstanding product to working with Mr. Davis. He was professional, courteous, dependable, and most helpful. Our expectations were indeed exceeded and we are confident yours will be as well.
Alabama Stormsafe
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